This is an extension of our original task. We assign a specific time (1 minute) for the initial distances to double, and we decree that the expansion continues in such a way that the distance between any two bugs changes at a constant speed (which is the same as saying that all points move at a constant speed relative to any chosen viewpoint).

It is tempting to assume that distances will double every minute (ie that the plane expands exponentially), but this is not the case. In a sense, the enlagement slows down, in that the scale factor that maps points at time t minutes to their position at time t + 1 minutes decreases as t increases.

After the first minute, the sheet (and all who sail on her) has been enlarged by a scale factor x2.
After the first two minutes the sheet has been enlarged by a scale factor x3.
From the first to the second minute, the sheet has ben enlarged by a scale factor x3/2.

the end
a high-res pdf file of this new GEOaa-zz task